First impressions are critical. In this day and age, very often a persons first impression of your company will be your website. 

Whether we are updating an old and outdated site or building something new, your website will be designed to present to your customers, a highly sophisticated and professional company image.
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Most importantly, your site would be built with the following features:

Focus on Conversion

Site will be built with an emphasis on getting your users to take the actions needed to begin a business relationship. Whether that means fill out a form, schedule an appointment or make a phone call, the site is structured to guide the user in that direction at all times, while also providing the information needed to help them make the decision to move forward.

Mobile-Friendly Design

This is a most important feature. Your site would be specially built to adapt to mobile phones and pads of all types. Not having a site that is Mobile-Friendly is a big problem for many reasons. The main one is, that Google has revised the way it ranks and classifies websites regarding Mobile-Friendly sites, as opposed to those that are not. Mobile-friendly sites rank better on Google and the other top Search Engines.

Modern Professional Layout

Your website layout will be created to project a modern successful company image. Your new website will have lots of visual components and large slide areas to display images, which are important in a website to keep the user’s interest and showcase important information and images related to your field. Your new site will present a highly sophisticated and professional look to your company’s website.

Content Management System

This would allow you and anyone on your staff to easily update content, add pictures, new picture galleries, pages, and menu dropdown pages etc.  This would give you full control over your own website from now on. You will never have to depend on anyone, or wait until they get around to adding your content. It is a very easy system to use. We will provide training to you and your staff. We are also available to provide aftercare and updates if preferred, but you will also have the option of doing it yourself if you choose.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

The content you provide will be revised to include the proper urls, heading tags, descriptions, keyword density in paragraph content, and alt image text. Keywords will also be researched to find the best combinations and other keyword possibilities that can improve our Search Engine Optimization.

Picture Galleries

These picture galleries are very easy to update and give you the option of displaying your images in many ways and including captions, descriptions and other info. Click on thumbnails to show larger image (I will need to have larger images provided)

Blogging Capability

Site will also include blog pages that feature your latest news and important information. They can be categorized and arranged in many ways, so you can very easily make the most current information available and easy to find for your users. The other benefit is it can improve your sites search engine visibility. One of the best ways to improve your sites ranking is to always have fresh new content added on a regular basis.  This will also keep your users coming back to see what is new.

Contact forms

Your site will also have one or more forms for you to collect information and begin a relationship with your users.

If you would be interested in updating your site to a modern, professional layout that is mobile-friendly that you can update yourself with basic search engine optimization.

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