• This questionnaire is a compilation of questions, guidelines, and best practices suggestions that will help us collect the information needed to create and revise your content to make your website work effectively as a marketing and communication tool. Experience and knowledge of your business’s specific needs and terminology is vital to the success of creating and optimizing meaningful content for both your target market and search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

    Our first step is to identify the target audience to which your site is speaking. It may be one or more of the categories listed below. This will determine our approach to choosing the terms we will target. The general public will use very different terms to search for a product or service than would technical, industrial or construction professionals in that field. It is important to use the terms that your target audience is familiar with and would use to search.


    In most cases, the key terms will match the name of the pages we are optimizing for. They will usually match the names of services or products as discussed in the next section. This is where your experience is often needed. Sometimes it could be a term as simple as "Air Conditioning Repair”, or perhaps it is a specific term or phrase for a service or product that is only known to those in a specialized industry. Depending on the target audience, this could vary. The general public may use one term and an industry professional or contractor may refer to it very differently. We need to consider our target audience and use the terms most likely used by your target audience. These suggestions are then researched to see if any improvements can be made. Sometimes a very simple change can make a big difference (for example, the difference between "Attorney" and “Attorneys" can in some cases have a drastic effect on SEO).


    This should include every potential Services or Products related page for the site (if you have 20 different types of service or sell 20 different types of widgets, there should be a page for each, optimized specifically for the search term someone would most likely use to find it). We can, of course, just list a summary of each on a single page like many sites do, but from a Search Engine standpoint, each product or service having its own page optimized for a specific search is the correct way to do it.

  • List all items in comment box separated with commas.

    A common feature in most websites is the "Call to Action" button which may occur many times throughout the site. In most cases, many different pages will all lead the user to the pages that are ultimately the whole point of using your website to market your service or product.


    The above Call to Action may likely require an additional specialized form. If so, we will need a list of the fields you would want to include, besides Name, Phone, and Email. If this is the case, please list all additional fields needed to collect the information that is required.


    In most cases, your site will contain the following pages or some variation of the following. The Services or Products should also be broken up into each individual page, titled to match a likely search term, and with all content created and optimized for that specific term as discussed earlier.


    Contains Slideshow, Call to Action, Homepage Focus Content Areas linked to important pages of site

    SERVICES (OR PRODUCTS), in some cases both

    A number of specific pages detailing with each Service (or Product) and optimized for Search Engines using the most likely used search terms. This should be built out to include every possible service category and each specific service so that each page can be optimized for a targeted search of that item. These were probably already listed in Question 3 above.

    About Us

    Here are possible ideas for the About Us page. These items are detailed later in this document. In most cases this page is simpler than containing all of these options but I am including them all for your consideration.

    Here are some suggestions to help you think about what you may want to include.

    • Mission statement
    • Company history
    • Founding
    • Important dates and Milestones
    • Specific skills and knowledge (Education and Experience)
    • What makes us specially qualified
    • Staff or Personnel

    This is another area we need your input on important facts, dates, skills and experience that makes your business competitive in your field or industry. Here are some possible ideas:

    Mission Statement: What is your motivation, values, customer service ethic, etc? How do these things drive your company to stand out among your competition?

    Company History: Founding and Important dates and milestones, goals achieved and how the company has grown from its earliest day to the present.

    Specific Skills and Knowledge (Education and Experience): How has your particular knowledge of the industry made your company a leader in your field? How does this benefit your customers? Why is your company a preferred choice for the services provided?

    What makes you specially qualified: Does your company have an edge on the competition? Or at least specific skills or experience that make you unique? Skills? Experience? Materials? Tell us about it below.

    Staff or Personnel: Tell us about your staff. Who are they? What are their special skills, experience and education? Number of years in the industry?


    Ask your previous clients for testimonials and if it is possible, try to photograph work. Take photographs on jobs from now on if possible also. These will be helpful on our site.


    A gallery of completed projects showcasing your finest work.

  • Contact Us

    Contains the following and or any other items you may choose to add.

    • Contact info (address, email, phone, social media)
    • Google map
    • Contact us form

    On many home pages, there are often 3 or 4 (or sometimes rows) of square or rectangular containers of images, headings and paragraph text with a link (Read more..., More...) that takes you to other important pages in the site (usually our main categories of services/products). This helps us direct users to the places on the site we most want them to visit.