wordpress-logo200WordPress Development

The best option for you may be a Content Management System (CMS) that you could update yourself. You will save you alot of money and frustration in the long run when you have full control over editing content and never have to depend on anyone. One of the main problems I find with the people I meet complain about is having a webguy that they cannot get a hold of or is slow when it comes to updating their site. This will never be a problem for you. The system is very easy to login and use. You can create new pages, menus, dropdowns, etc. quickly and easily.

The Benefits of a WordPress Content Management Systems and Styles

WordPress is a very popular Content Management System that I like to use because the clients really like it. WordPress is big. Approximately 11% of all sites on the internet are built using wordpress. It is a stable, open-source software platform in its 20th release that is constantly being improved by the worlds most highly skilled programmers. Not unlike android and iphone there is an imense 3rd party aftermarket for plug-in applications. It is not just a software platform. It is a global system. WordPress has all the benefits of a CMS that I mentioned above and in addition also has many great looking professional ready to go graphic styles for free or a reasonable cost.

The WordPress Community

wordpress_org_logoSo WordPress is so much more then just a software platform. It is an immense open source organization that contributes both to the design and improvement of the software application itself as well as the design and compatibility of the 3rd party plug-in community that comes with it.

3rd Party Plug-ins

Many options are available with the virtually unlimited number of 3rd Party Plug-ins created by some of the worlds most talented developers.  Added functionality provided by these includes but is by no means limited to: e-commerce, photos, social-media, you-tube, calendars.

The Sky is the Limit with WordPress and The WordPress Community!